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Alhamraexpress is a Alhamratour's product wich offers mini-trips with a low cost


DISCOVER Madinat Azahara, the Moorish quarter and THE GREAT MOSQUE OF CORDOBA.

The universal symbol of Moorish heritage in Spain, and one of history's most extraordinary works of art, awaits you in Cordoba.

Come and admire this architectural jewel - a unique space made up of forms, light, columns and colours, where you will feel all the splendour of ancient Al-Andalus.

This trip includes:

- Visit of Madinat Azahara (the city of the califa Abderahman III)
- Lunch in the city. Halal and vegetarian food is available.
- Visit of the Omeya Mosque and the Moorish quarter.

Guide and ticket fees incluide

Average Price: 105€/person

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